Join the Marketing Leadership Masterclass (April 30)

My online Marketing Leadership Masterclass in association with Marketing Week starts on April 30! This is your last chance to join at the special reader discount (you’ll save GBP 250). The Marketing Leadership Masterclass isn’t about marketing. It’s about becoming a...

Try This >> Thrive in a matrix organisation

Do you thrive in a matrix organisation? Here’s the essential matrix-fact: everybody is in charge. But nobody has all the power. The person who can tell sales what to do, hasn’t yet joined. The person who can tell product development to make amazing things, isn’t on...

Try This >> To make change happen, ditch your ego

Trust in politicians has evaporated. Consumer trust in brands is at an all-time low. And too many executives don’t trust their bosses. What’s the problem? Perhaps it’s professionalism? Brexit, for example, is a tough (and stupid) challenge – but the politicians in...

Try This >> Beware the ‘binfluencer’

The internet is great. If you know something and you want to write a blog that 100,000 people read, you can. If you want to do a podcast that 100,000 people hear, you can. The internet is also great for people who don’t know much, but are good in front of a camera and...

Try This >> Three ways to be a bolder leader

Brave leaders change the world. Air traffic controller Anthonius Gunawan saved the 160 souls on board Batik Air 6231, by staying in the tower, so the plane could escape minutes before the earthquake struck. Berta Cáceres led the protests that stopped the Honduras Agua...

Try This >> Walk the halls to drive change

You are in the business of change. In fact, we are all in the business of change. We try to get customers to accept our offer. We try to get colleagues to support our cause. We try to get friends to join our Saturday dinner. Making change happen is what most of us do,...

Why marketers struggle in a rational world

Marketers are more emotional than many of their colleagues, which makes earning respect difficult, but they can gain influence by speaking the language of logic.

Try This >> Join the Marketing Leadership Masterclass

Successful marketers and agency leaders aren’t born. They’re made. The Marketing Leadership Masterclass isn’t about marketing. It’s about becoming a marketing leader who inspires change, builds influence inside the firm, mobilizes colleagues and leads teams.

Try This >> Use the power of the bottom right-hand corner

To make change happen, shed light on the issue. Measure customer feedback, costs, time wasted – whatever your currency is. Make sure your data is solid. Praise those in the top left corner who are doing well; no need to shame those in the bottom right-hand corner – the chart will do it for you.

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