Everything you need to know to be a superior marketing leader! Thank you, Barta and Barwise, for sharing your secrets to success!”
—Marshall Goldsmith, The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

A masterful dissection of what it really takes to lead marketing.”
—Syl Saller, Global CMO, Diageo, Marketing Society Leader of the Year 2015

A must-read for every present and future CMO who cares about making a difference.”
—Seth Godin, author of All Marketers Are Liars

Barta and Barwise show in this thoughtful book how, by realigning their role, marketers can contribute significantly more both to their companies’ success and to their own career paths. Research-based, but brought to life by human beings.”
—Sir Martin Sorrell, founder and CEO, WPP

A persuasive and well-researched perspective on the opportunities open to marketers to lead for change.”
—Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

Stuffed full of sound analysis, crucial career advice, and fascinating case studies—this is an effortless must-read for the ambitious marketer.
—Gavin Patterson, CEO, BT

An essential read for any marketing professional looking to take the next step in his or her career.”
—Dominic Barton, global managing director, McKinsey & Company

I only wish I had been able to read it a good few years ago!”
—Amanda Mackenzie, global CMO
, Aviva

“The essential leadership playbook for the CMO of the future.”
—Jim Stengel, former global marketing officer, Procter & Gamble

More Praise ...

The leadership book for twenty-first-century marketers.”
—Katie Vanneck-Smith, chief customer officer, Global Managing Director International, Dow Jones

I encourage you to read this book and get into the ‘V-Zone’!
—Chris Ernst, PhD, global head, Learning, Leadership & Organization Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader is a must-read for any marketing leader!
—Barbara Messing, CMO, TripAdvisor

It will help any marketer become a true marketing leader.”
—Kevin Lane Keller, E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of Business

A truly insightful guide to how good marketing executives can become outstanding leaders.”
—Joan Kaloustian, managing director corporate marketing, MUFG Union Bank

Here is a must-read book for marketers as leaders.”
—Richard Hytner, founder, beta baboon, former DY Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide

Barta and Barwise lay out a clear and compelling roadmap for helping marketing practitioners become high-impact enterprise leaders.
—Peter Horst, CMO, The Hershey Company

A compelling and incisive argument that leading a group of marketing professionals differs dramatically from being a consummate practitioner.
—Jack Zenger, CEO of Zenger Folkman and bestselling coauthor of The Extraordinary Leader

A must-read for anyone who is serious about leading—not just doing—marketing.”
—Bernie Jaworski, Drucker Chair in Management and the Liberal Arts, Drucker School of Management

This book gets under the skin of what makes a great marketing leader.
—Peter Markey, CMO, Post Office

This might just become the bible for marketing leaders.
—Sherilyn Shackell, founder & CEO of The Marketing Academy

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Get your copy of The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader from AMAZON.COM, AMAZON UK, AMAZON GERMANYBarnes & Noble, CEO READ (Bulk Orders).

The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader–For this groundbreaking leadership book, former McKinsey partner and senior marketer Thomas Barta teamed up with London Business School marketing professor Patrick Barwise to answer the question: what makes an effective and successful marketing leader?

Thomas and Patrick conducted the largest ever global study of marketing leadership, analyzing detailed original data on over 1,200 marketing leaders and more than 67,000 existing 360-degree assessments of both marketing and non-marketing business leaders. The research revealed 12 essential traits that can make or break marketers’ business impact and career success.

The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader is the first leadership book for marketers based on anything like this level of research evidence. It tells you how to:

  • MOBILIZE YOUR BOSS: Make an impact at the highest level and align marketing with the company’s priorities.
  • MOBILIZE YOUR COLLEAGUES: Inspire and support your non-marketing colleagues to meet customers’ needs better than the competition.
  • MOBILIZE YOUR TEAM: Build and hone a winning marketing team. Become a leader of leaders.
  • MOBILIZE YOURSELF: Focus on goals that will benefit your customers, company, and long-term career.

In The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader, you will read firsthand accounts of marketing successes from around the world—and gain psychological insights that will surprise you into the leaders who drove the key decisions. You will learn how to persuade your colleagues, motivate your team, and strengthen your leadership skills.

Warning: this isn’t a marketing book. It’s a leadership book for marketers, using the latest research on what works—and what does not work—in the digital age of marketing. By zeroing in on the value creation zone (“V-Zone”)—the all-important overlap between your company’s and customers’ needs—you’ll be able to help your business to win in the market and achieve your career goals.

Remember: doing marketing isn’t the same as leading marketing. With The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader, you can lead the way with a new vision that is powerful, transformative, and ultimately life-changing.

Get your copy of The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader from AMAZON.COM, AMAZON UK, AMAZON GERMANYBarnes & Noble, CEO READ (Bulk Orders).

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Thomas Barta, a former McKinsey Partner with over 20 years of marketing experience, is a marketing leadership-pioneer. He speaks, writes, and conducts leadership workshops worldwide, while continuing his path-breaking research.

Thomas has consulted and marketed for over 20 years, in 14 industries, in 45 countries. Each year, he gives more than 40 keynote speeches and masterclasses for companies, industry associations, and universities. His clients include many of the world’s most prominent companies, including over two dozen from the Fortune 500.

Patrick Barwise is Emeritus Professor of Management and Marketing at London Business School, former chairman of Which? (Europe’s largest consumer organization), a prize-winning author, and an expert on customer focus, innovation, and marketing.

His book, Simply Better: Winning and Keeping Customers by Delivering What Matters Most, coauthored with Seán Meehan (IMD, Lausanne), has been translated into seven languages, and won the American Marketing Association’s annual Berry-AMA Book Prize. Order it here from AMAZON.COM.

Barwise and Meehan’s second book, Beyond the Familiar: Long-Term Growth through Customer Focus and Innovation, was published in 2011. Order it here from AMAZON.COM.

The Marketer’s DNA—The Research Facts

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For the book The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader, Thomas Barta and Patrick Barwise undertook the largest ever global study of chief marketing officers. Did you know:


The Marketers’ DNA—CMO Research

  • CMO self-perception. Most senior marketers (71%) believe they create high market impact. But only 44% say they’ve found a formula to make their careers work (a)(1).
  • CMO self-perception. “I see myself as open to new experiences, complex, creative.” 90% (a)(1).
  • CMO self-perception. “I energize the organization to act. I’m seen as a role model.” 52% (a)(1).


The Marketers’ DNA—360-Degree Research

  • How bosses view subordinates. “Never seem to be able to complete all the work I have to do”: Marketers 20%, Sales 18%, Other 15%, Operations 15%, Finance 14%, HR 14%, General Managers 14% (b) (2).
  • How bosses view subordinates. “My workload is too heavy”: Marketers 39%, Sales 36%, Other 37%, Operations 36%, Finance 36%, HR 14%, General Managers 33% (c)(2).
  • How bosses view subordinates. “I make sure that performance standards are adhered to”: Marketers 49%, Sales 49%, Other 55%, Operations 57%, Finance 61%, HR 55%, General Managers 56% (c)(2).



(1) The Marketers’ DNA CMO research, Barta/Barwise. 1,232 senior marketers from a wide range of mid-size and large companies in sixteen different B2B and B2C industries and seventy-one countries were asked, in confidence, how well ninety six statements described them and their situation using a six-point Likert scale (1 = not at all, 6 = very well). They were promised absolute confidentiality, encouraging honest responses. The assessment included their personalities as well as what they know, how they lead, and how successful they consider themselves in terms of their impact on business performance and their personal career success.
(2) The Marketers’ DNA 360-degree research, Barta/Barwise. We looked at CMOs and other leaders through the eyes of others. We analyzed 67,278 existing 360-degree assessment responses of INSEADs global GELI leadership database, from superiors, peers, and direct reports who rated senior marketers as well as leaders in other disciplines (for example, finance and sales), from 178 countries, and 52 industries.
(3) The Marketers’ DNA interviews, Barta/Barwise. We developed insights from interviews with over 100 CMOs, CEOs, and leadership experts about what it takes to succeed as a senior marketing leader.
(a) 5-6 ratings on 6-point scale, percent
(b) 5-7 ratings on 7-point scale, percent
(c) 5-7 ratings on 7-point scale, percent
12-powers-of-a-marketing-leader_Barta SMall

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