Thomas Barta: Motivational / Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Thomas inspires his audience about 21st-century customer leadership: how leaders make change happen-—without possessing top-down authority. Each year at events in North America, Europe, and Asia, he inspires thousands of leaders as inspirational keynote speaker and storyteller.

Thomas’s talks are consistently rated among the events’ best.

THOMAS’S SPEAKER REEL (click to watch)


Thomas is probably the most impressive speaker I’ve come across.
—Wendy Yung, Executive Director, Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association

“… the highest-rated of the day—and deservedly so.”
—David Reed, Director and Editor-in-Chief, Data IQ

Thomas has a special ability to engage and inspire his audiences.”
—Pat Scanlon, CEO, Corporate Financial Group, Inc.



(Video: Young Leaders’ Version of The 12 Powers @ Advertising Week)

The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader
Leading marketing isn’t the same as doing marketing! What makes a successful customer leader? Thomas’s unique keynote gives the answers based on his and Patrick Barwise’s book The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader. In the largest ever research on marketing leadership, Barta and Barwise have proven that successful marketing leaders all have four things in common. They connect customer needs and company needs to claim their seat at the top table; they mobilize their peers to create a great customer experience; they mobilize their team to become leader of leaders; and they mobilize themselves, so they can inspire others. The aim? More impact, more influence, and, quite simply, more fun! Research based–but brought to live by stories of the best marketers of our time. The 12 Powers captures and inspires marketers, customer executives, and digital leaders from around the globe.

(Keynote – 1/2-Day Masterclass – 1-Day Masterclass)

Everything you need to know to be a superior marketing leader!”
—Marshall Goldsmith, The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

A masterful dissection of what it really takes to lead marketing.”
—Syl Saller, Global CMO, Diageo, Marketing Society Leader of the Year 2015

“The essential leadership playbook for the CMO of the future.”
—Jim Stengel, former global marketing officer, Procter & Gamble


The Digital Leader—Making Digital Marketing Actually Happen!
Everyone knows: digital is crucial for long-term success. But knowing isn’t the same thing as acting. Too many executives struggle with getting their companies to adopt digital as a way of working. Today’s leaders can’t simply tell people what to do – not even the CEO can do that. Digital Leaders know how to inspire with stories, mobilize, and model the change they want to see. This keynote will reveal how successful leaders overcome the biggest organizational barriers: silos, distrust, fear, and lack of positional authority. Hear the success stories of the most effective mobilizers of our time and beat the internal barriers to change!

(Keynote – 1/2-Day Masterclass – 1-Day Masterclass)


Thought Leader—Shape the Agenda!
Influential leaders are agenda shapers—both internally and with customers. Thought leadership isn’t just trendy jargon—it is the leadership currency of the 21st century. Thought leaders understand the big issues, focus on the bottom line, and challenge the best people to get involved and succeed. This keynote speech is for all executives who want to know how great institutions like McKinsey build thought leaders, and how to become one themselves.

(Keynote – 1/2-Day Masterclass – 1-Day Masterclass)


SPARKS—Fire in Your Eyes!
What does it take to invent the next iPhone? Leaders with passion and big dreams. You can only inspire others if you are yourself inspired. There’s no shortcut. Inspired leaders have a dream for their market, their customers, their career, and their life. They inspire big thinking and strong action in people around them. Inspired leaders are the SPARKS that make change happen! It is not just talk—it’s a fact based on the most comprehensive ever global research on customer leadership. Be the SPARK that lights the fire!

(Keynote – 1/2-Day Masterclass – 1-Day Masterclass)



* Photo credits: ad:tech ASEAN, DataIQ Link, James Cannon, Adobe. Photos taken at selected events across various different speeches.

Lead Leaders—Build Tribes
Great leaders build teams of leaders—it’s a simple truth but it’s a hard nut to crack. Those who build confident tribes are more successful and more influential. Building leaders in this digital age takes effort. But it’s not complicated. It’s about being the architect, structuring teams and giving them direction. It’s about being the coach, building people’s skills, trust and confidence. And it’s about being the referee who holds people accountable. Teams just do work—tribes win! And leaders with tribes win big!

(Keynote – 1/2-Day Masterclass – 1-Day Masterclass)




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