CMO Coaching

*** Thomas can’t currently accept new engagments in 2017 ***

Thomas works personally with a handful of chief marketing officers, chief digital officers, and other customer leaders each year to help them raise and achieve their growth aspirations – through CMO coaching.


  • Customer Leader Coaching (4-6 months). The aim is typically to raise the leader’s game inside the organization, drive difficult transformations, or become more effective as a senior customer leader.
  • Customer Leader Onboarding (3–6 months). Thomas’s onboarding program significantly improves the odds of success when a new leader gets on board with a company—or when he or she takes on a much larger role as CMO, COO, or CEO.
  • High Performance Team Alignment (2 days). Through a powerful focus on team alignment, this program helps leaders get the art and craft of high-performing teams right in order to create full goal alignment and shared high aspirations.


To find out if Thomas is available for an assignment, please contact him here.

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