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Inspirational Leadership

We develop authentic leaders with transformational thinking who deliver lasting impact

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Our coaches dare to challenge leaders to go where growth happens: outside of the comfort zone

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actvance leadership development links right to your strategic business goals, with clear targets and measurement

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The three actvance principles:

Inspirational Leadership (IL): Our approach combines authentic leadership (leading self) and transformational leadership (leading others). IL helps leaders become more entrepreneurial in their behavior, so they can deliver lasting impact for organizations and for themselves

Challenge: Growth happens outside of the comfort zone. actvance coaches are experienced leaders with distinctive leadership qualifications, who dare to challenge and support the most demanding clients

Impact: The purpose of leadership development is to help deliver your strategic goals. That’s why our programs link right into the business, so the organization benefits immediately. We set clear return targets and measure success

actvance: Inspiring Leaders – Lasting Impact

The actvance Approach

actvance brings together experienced leaders with distinctive leadership qualifications from Europe, the US and Asia, to help blue chip clients develop their leaders in a more rigorous and impactful way.

Our focus: high-impact leadership development programs for our clients. This includes leadership program design and delivery, leadership assessment, and leadership coaching.

As advisors to senior leaders, we take a top management approach to leadership development. Our belief is : the ultimate aim of leadership development should be to help you deliver your most important strategic goals faster and more effectively.

All our work is based on three principles: Inspirational Leadership, Challenge and Impact.


actvance | Global Leadership Advisers

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Inspirational Leadership

Today’s organizations need leaders who can inspire lasting change. These inspirational leaders develop their own authentic style. They have advanced self-awareness and a clear sense of purpose. They know how to lead themselves. They are able to lead and inspire others with their transformational leadership thinking and behavior.

For many years we have developed the Inspirational Leadership (IL) approach in our work with top managers from across the world. IL uniquely combines authentic leadership (leading self) and transformational leadership (leading others). IL builds on years of research by INSEAD Business School and McKinsey&Company.

The Inspirational Leadership approach is particularly powerful in situations where leaders are required to drive growth in existing businesses, explore new businesses, facilitate cultural change, find their own leadership path, or simply inspire the next generation of leaders.

inspirational leadership

IL helps leaders master: awareness about themselves, a clear sense of purpose, and using the three leadership styles: care, courage and can-do.


Growth happens outside of the comfort zone. actvance coaches are experienced leaders with distinctive leadership qualifications, who dare to challenge and support the most demanding clients.


We believe the purpose of leadership work is to help deliver your strategic goals. That’s why:

  • Our programs link right into the business, so the organization benefits immediately
  • We help you set clear personal and business targets, and measure success.

Leadership Development Programs

Our work helps clients to develop and retain talent, re-energize leaders, drive cultural change, promote entrepreneurship, or simply empower senior leaders with essential new skills, behavior and thinking.

We design full leadership journeys and specific programs for clients based on the three principles: Inspirational Leadership, Challenge and Impact.

In working with you, our team brings to bear over two decades of experience in leadership development program design and delivery. These programs are being consistently rated as the highest of their kind for impact within leading organizations such as McKinsey & Co.

We always develop highly tailored solutions, even with several instruments readily at our hand.

Depending on your needs, our programs touch the entire organization, a group of leaders, or individual leaders. The core of our expertise is in leadership program design and delivery, leadership assessment, and leadership coaching. Please find some examples below:

Program Examples

The Inspirational Leader Program (ILP)
Our iconic program for 8-12 very senior leaders helps participants renew their purpose and instill new transformational energy to inspire and grow the business. This one-week seminar followed by very tailored internal activities (mostly around “inspiring people”) has proven to be transformational for many senior leaders.

Bright Stars (BS)
This one week boot camp, followed by an internal 6-months practicum, lets future leaders find their own leadership path and build confidence in their skills to inspire change, guided by mentors from within the organization. The program typically accelerates development and increases retention of the best talent.

Consulting for Leaders (CSL)
Shifting a transactional client relationship to a more consultative approach allows leaders to add significantly more value to their clients. But consulting involves ”problem solving on your feet” with clients about issues outside of your own area of expertise. CSL equips senior leaders with core consulting skills over a period of one week and lets them build confidence in the new role.

Coaching for Leaders (CHL)
Coaching relationships with clients and team members can be the most powerful relationship leaders can build. Coaching for leaders is a highly personal and transformational program that equips participants with cutting edge coaching skills, and helps them build confidence in their coaching abilities.

Leading Client Teams (LCT)
Client Teams are the backbone for successful long-term client relationship building, But setting up and leading Client Teams is notoriously difficult. Success requires the leader to understand the pitfalls and dynamics of high performing teams. It also requires an understanding of the industry best practice for client team management. LCT equips your senior leaders with the core skills to build successful service teams. Participants start the actual team building already during this energizing and practical program with top experts.

Together with leading experts of e.g. INSEAD, we develop advanced leadership assessment tools for talent discovery, leadership assessment and feedback. We base these on the latest thinking around authentic and inspirational leadership.

Our C-DNA Leadership Audit, for example, is a very advanced tool to help assess the inspirational leadership behavior and potential of C-suite leaders – and those aspiring to take a top role. C-DNA orchestrates a “dialogue” between participants and observers about personal growth objectives. C­-DNA uniquely aims at understanding C-­suite customer leadership capabilities around four factors:

Mobilizing Upwards (internal decision ­making power)
Mobilizing Sideways (ability to mobilize)
Mobilizing Downwards (results creation through skills of teams and self).
Mobilizung Inwards (direction)

C-DNA also helps leaders to review the level of support and success leaders currently enjoy in their organization.

Developed with new thinking of leadership experts from e.g. INSEAD Business School, London Business School and McKinsey, C-DNA orchestrates a “dialogue” between participants and observers about personal growth objectives. C-DNA builds on proven leadership models and the experiences of successful leaders:

Validated leadership models, like the NEO Inventories, NEO-PI-3 (Costa & McCrae), the TIPI scale (Gosling, Rentfrow & Swann), the Digital Economy Leadership Model (Kets de Vries), and the EQ Edge Model (Stein & Book).

Purpose as the imperative for impact. Leaders need a strong purpose and the ability to feel and articulate it.

Learnings of over 100 board-level leaders, about their pivotal moments of success and failure and what actions lay behind these.

This advanced tool is now available for individual and corporate use as C-DNA – Self Assessment, C-DNA – 360 Degree Feedback, and C-DNA – Candidate Screenings.



We support the most senior leaders as coaches. Like all other actvance programs, the highly tailored leadership coaching follows our three principles:

Inspiration: Helping leaders develop their authentic style and transformational leadership thinking
Challenge: Helping leaders leave their comfort zone and grow
Impact: Setting clear targets and measuring results during and after the program

vance coaches are experienced leaders themselves, with distinctive leadership qualifications. We create a safe, challenging and confidential environment where senior leaders can grow.

Find out how we can help you turn your business strategies into results.

actvance | Global Leadership Advisers


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actvance Leadership Team



Thomas Barta has shaped the strategy behind many Fortune 100 brands as business leader and McKinsey Partner. A passionate leadership coach, adviser to CEOs and speaker, he now helps managers and their organizations on the way to the top. As founder of actvance, Thomas specializes in coaching for senior leaders, organizational effectiveness and leadership strategy. He holds degrees in management and leadership development from London Business SchoolAshridge Business School and INSEAD. Thomas also writes and speaks about customer-centric leadership in a digital age ( His focus is always on the client’s ability to lead successfully in a top management environment.



David Brown has been working in the field of designing leadership development interventions and providing executive coaching for over a decade. His client portfolio includes leading politicians from the British Government and from overseas; Senior leaders at The United Nations Global Fund and The Clinton Foundation; International soccer players based in the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga; C-suite executives, top teams and emerging leaders engaged in management consultancy, oil and gas, banking, steel, food manufacturing, travel and leisure. David has been a leadership advisor to McKinsey & Company for over a decade and supports their global leadership development effort. He uses his coaching and psychology qualifications, together with his experience of senior banking roles stretching over 10 years, to help leaders grow and release their full potential.



Christoph Grimont work with actvance in Asia and Oceania. Christophe worked within strategic and top-management consulting firms in Europe and  Asia like DeloitteKPMG in Europe and E&Y in Asia. He developed and led large teams across the South and Southeast Asian markets within Ipsos, a top tier research firm. His clients include Allianz-AGFLa Poste, HP,  Air FranceSyngentaSanofiGSKMetro, and Unilever and other organizations both in the private and public sectors. His work involved advising these firms on their market and regional strategies as well as implementing large change and re-organizational initiatives. He now specializes in coaching senior managers and leaders through tricky transitions. He holds degrees in engineering (INSARennes), management (MBA EM Lyon), and leadership development and coaching from INSEAD

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